Energy Storage Systems

Power your construction or mining site with minimal carbon footprint, zero on-site air pollution and a dB rating up to 30x lower than fossil fuel generators.

Energy Storage Systems

Our Model Range

Our ESS units range up to 500kW. Acting as a standalone replacement for diesel generators or packaged as part of our hybrid power offering.

ESS Benefits

Experience Cleaner Power

Not just a battery, an ESS is a full solution. Providing cleaner power, quieter operation and less hassle than conventional diesel generators.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Energy storage systems emit zero air pollution and zero emissions from the battery. Delivering carbon emission reductions of up to 85%. Construction ready units like the AMPD Enertainer can replace the need for diesel generators entirely where grid access is available. In the case of remote mine sites reliant on diesel generators, our POWR2 BESS units can be integrated as part of a hybrid power system to reduce your carbon footprint significantly. 

Zero Co2, NOx & PM emission from the battery

Up to 85% carbon emission reduction

Reduce diesel consumption on mine sites

Experience Zero On-Site Pollution

Zero air pollution means a safer work environment, even in confined areas with poor ventilation. Unlike diesel generators, ESS units use lithium-ion battery technology to deliver quiet power without diesel exhaust fumes. Site operations are safer and more efficient without the hassle of diesel-related procedures.

Safe for all confined areas with poor ventilation

No risk of diesel emissions or fires

No exhaust fumes on-site

Power Your Site Up To 32 x Quieter Than Diesel Generators

Energy storage systems are drastically quieter than diesel generators. This means lower noise pollution, enabling your workers to meet noise restriction requirements while saving on fuel costs. 

Almost 32 x quieter than diesel generators

Eliminates noise disruption for surrounding areas

Lowers overall diesel fuel costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy storage systems use state-of-the-art battery technology to produce reliable, cost-effective power without relying on diesel fuel. Here are some common questions we’ve been asked.

It’s a sub-set of renewable energy. It captures, stores, and dispatches power on demand to any construction site using battery and chemical technology, more commonly lithium-ion chemistry. It achieves this without diesel fuel, sourcing energy from the electrical grid or renewable sources, charging the battery and storing it for later. Ready to output power when there is a demand for it. Find out more here 

In a nutshell, Battery ESS captures energy (input), stores it and works with the grid or other energy sources to dispatch instant, reliable power. In most cases, ESS units will use lithium-ion battery technology to make this possible. The battery system will draw power from the grid to charge the battery and store the energy for later use. When there is a power draw, the systems work together with the grid to dispatch emission-free, quiet, and instant power. Find out more here 

In most cases, an ESS unit will get its power draw through the grid via a connection cable. However, when this in unavailable, the power connection can also be made with a diesel or even hydrogen generator. It will still result in significant carbon savings.  

ESS units are easy to install, require lower levels of maintenance and lower overall fuel consumption costs. There are less disruptive site visits, lower noise pollution and reduces on-site carbon emissions by up to 85%. You can find out more about the benefits of energy storage here 

ROI depends greatly on the fuel consumption and the type of plant & equipment being used on the site. We also take into account operational expenses such as maintenance, fuelling and lost production time caused by “downtime” and contractors coming to site. Blue Diamond Machinery can even model and forecast carbon and operational cost savings for potential customers. After the unit has been installed, clients will also have access to track ongoing carbon savings via an app. 

Absolutely. Our ESS units have been carefully designed to solve challenges faced by construction and mining sites. They have been tried, tested and proven to ensure the safety of on-site workers. Notable safety features include air-conditioner units to regulate a safe temperature of the battery cell, minimising the chances of over-heating. Other features include a fire suppression system, incorporating multi-layered pre-emptives measures to flag any faults starting at the core battery cylindrical level. If the battery case ruptures, the fuse will pop and disconnect the cell – preventing a fire from breaking out.

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