Hybrid Power Systems

Our hybrid power packages intelligently combine solar, diesel generators & battery storage to deliver a reliable & efficient off-grid power supply. Not to mention lower maintenance, reduced emissions & significant fuel savings over a conventional power setup.   

Hybrid Power System

Hybrid Power Systems

Our Hybrid Power Packages

Blue Diamond can package a hybrid power system completely custom to your site requirements, on or off the grid. View examples of our hybrid power packages below:

Dependable 24/7

Flexible, Clean & Scalable Power

Hybrid Power Systems provide a scalable and reliable power source, with significant savings over conventional power systems. Experience less noise, longer generator lifespan and a lower carbon footprint.

Reliable Power, Wherever You Are

Our hybrid power packages offer a flexible, reliable & scalable solution to those working in remote locations with limited or no access to the grid. Perfectly suited to remote mines, off-grid construction sites & rural agriculture operations.

Perfect for off-grid construction & rural communities with frequent blackouts

Easy-to-operate control system

Portable system for fast deployment

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Our hybrid power solutions include roof or ground mounted solar panels, battery storage and an integrated backup diesel generator and inverter. Together, users experience reliable, robust power at any time of day, with less harmful emissions and lower noise pollution.   

Lower overall emission output & noise pollution

Reduce your diesel fuel costs

Battery storage for power overnight and weather disruptions

Save on Fuel & Maintenance Costs

No need to deal with energy provider applications, bureaucratic processes and costings. A hybrid power system saves on overall fuel consumption & costs while reducing the generator run time from 24/7 to just a few hours a day. The integration of battery storage also acts as a buffer for fluctuating power & load demands extending generator lifespan and decreasing maintenance costs over time  

Reduces diesel generator runtime

Decrease in generator maintenance costs

Eliminate power supply provider costs

Lowers overall diesel fuel consumption and costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid power systems intelligently combine diesel, solar and battery storage to provide dependable power 24/7. Here are some common questions we’ve been asked:   

A hybrid power system (HPS) is an off-grid power system that combines two or more energy sources to produce efficient, reliable power. It is commonly known to provide grid-forming electricity in areas where there is a limited or unstable power supply or where grid power is unavailable. The power systems combine mounted solar panels, a battery storage bank (to store energy) and a backup diesel generator. 

The solar panels will produce power during times of sunshine, meanwhile, the battery stores energy collected during the day to provide power throughout the night or when there is no sun. The generator acts as a backup, kicking in to provide power when the battery is low. The solar panels, battery storage and generator work harmoniously together to deliver reliable power. 

Hybrid power solutions are easily deployable, efficient and significantly reduces overall emissions, noise pollution while minimising diesel fuel costs. Because of its different components it is also able to withstand any weather conditions, rain, hail or shine. It’s perfect for those who want to lower their carbon footprint without the hassle of completely transitioning into greener energy and without burdening the grid. 

How much you save largely depends on your energy consumption. The aim is to reduce overall diesel run-time during the day and early evening, leaving it as a standby option when the battery has depleted the stored solar energy. As a result, a hybrid power system can achieve up to 50% on fuel savings. Further savings can also be made by using energy efficient appliances and scheduling energy intensive appliances use throughout the day (i.e. washing machines and dishwashers.) This also means users will face significant carbon savings – each litre of diesel you save will amount to approximately a 2.7g carbon saving.  

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