EV Charging Stations

Experience fast EV charging, universal compatibility and world-class reliability with Tritium’s electric vehicle charging stations. Ideal for mine sites, agricultural work sites, and other off-grid applications.  

Tritium EV Chargers

Our EV Charging Stations

Featuring a compact, durable design, our world-renowned Tritium charging stations ensure optimum performance in any environment. View our range below:

Reliable Power For Your EV Fleet

Hassle-Free EV Charging For Australia’s Off-Grid Operations

Our Tritium charging stations are ideal for Australia’s remote construction and mining industries in need of a charging solution to power any site fleet of electric vehicles.

Power Up Any Major EV Brand

Forget the hassle of restrictive charging stations. Equipped with both CCS2 and CHAdeMO plugs, Tritium’s EV chargers are a one-size-fits-all solution. They’ll comfortably power all major domestic, commercial, and fleet electric vehicle brands on your site.  

Supports all major EV brands

Compatible with various voltages

Compatible with popular domestic, commercial, and fleet EVs using CCS and CHAdeMO standards

Built To Handle Tough Australian Conditions

Tritium’s EV chargers undergo rigorous field testing in some of the most challenging off-grid environments. Featuring a sealed enclosure, they are perfectly suited to Australia’s hot, dusty and temperamental conditions.

Impressive cooling design to ensure reliable operation in extreme conditions

-35°C to +50°C operating temperature range

Sealed enclosure to protect from the elements

Stress-Free Installation, Transport & Servicing

Tritium’s EV chargers produce maximum power without taking up space. With a slim, compact design, the station is easily portable, minimising logistical hassle between sites and locations. Its protective and modular design also ensures less wear and tear, a longer system lifespan, and easy servicing with fewer maintenance intervals. 

Compact design

Flexible installation options

Streamlined maintenance with no filter change

With You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Find The Right Power Solution

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