Introducing Net Zero

Helping Our Customers Achieve Lower Emissions

Our Net Zero equipment provides a high end range of hydrogen, battery energy storage, low emission and solar technologies matched with industry leading engineering & technical know-how. Our focus is to provide the best solution for our customers wanting to reduce emissions now and in the future.

Net Zero Commitment

Our Commitment

Blue Diamond is committed to being at the forefront of the energy transition and assisting in Australia’s commitment to Net Zero carbon emission by 2050. We are heavily investing in alternative power solutions to the traditional diesel offerings. We believe there will need to be a variety of solutions available to achieve this goal, particularly in relation to reducing carbon emissions from powering construction sites.

Blue Diamond aims to be at the forefront of these solutions which include Hybrid Generators, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and Hydrogen Powered Generators.

Justin Pitts

Director, Blue Diamond Machinery 

Energy Sources

Energy Sources for a Cleaner Future

The energy sources that power the Net Zero Equipment range are hybrid, battery, solar, hydrogen and low emission engines (Final Tier 4).

geh2 hydrogen generator commissioned in indonesia

Hydrogen is extracted using either fossil fuels, chemical extraction or renewables to create clean dispatchable power. We can pair hydrogen with a fuel cell and battery technology to produce immediate power without any emissions, pollution or wastage.

Battery Storage

Battery energy storage captures, stores and supplies power on demand using chemical and battery technology. It exerts immediate, quiet power with a very low emission output.

Hybrid Power System

Hybrid technology integrates conventional energy sources with renewable sources like solar and battery technology. Hybrid power delivers an efficient, reliable power supply at a significant cost saving. 

Solar 5B Mavericks

Solar energy is 100% absorbed, captured and stored from the sun. It’s a completely renewable source of energy, without any emissions.  We can pair solar as part of a hybrid power system or install as a standalone micro-grid.  

Our Equipment

Net Zero Equipment Range

From the AMPD Enertainer BESS to the GEH2 Hydrogen Generator, the Net Zero Equipment range is sourced from the world’s leading clean-energy equipment manufacturers – customised for Australia’s unique conditions and regulatory standards.

GEH2 Hydrogen Generator – 100kVA
Zero emissions
Zero noise
The GEH2 is carefully designed to replace diesel or gas gensets in mobile, prime and standby operations.
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Energy Storage Systems
No fumes
Zero noise
Lower fuel costs
Power your construction site with a minimal carbon footprint and zero on-site air pollution.
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Hybrid Power Systems
Low emissions
Easy deployment
Lower fuel costs
Our hybrid power packages intelligently combine solar, diesel generators & battery storage.
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Solar Light Towers
No emissions
No fuel costs
Bright Illumination
Our LED solar lighting towers are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to diesel lighting systems.
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Electric UTVs
Fuel savings
Quiet operation
Lower emissions
Experience fuel savings, lower emissions and improved worker safety by switching to electric site UTVs.
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Solar Water Pumps
High flow rate
No fuel costs
Lower upkeep
Our solar water pump range provides farmers, remote communities & off-grid sites with a reliable water supply.
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EV Charging Stations
Supports all major EV brands
Durable designs
Flexible installation options
Our Tritium charging stations are ideal for Australia’s remote construction, mining and rental industries in need of a charging solution to power any site fleet of electric vehicles.
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