Solar Systems

Adding as little as 3-9KW of solar into a hybrid power package significantly increases diesel savings compared to using a generator and BESS alone. 

Blue Diamond Machinery offer a range of solar system packages exclusively designed for mining, construction, agriculture and events applications to reduce diesel consumption and CO2 emissions in an off-grid power set up. 

Solar System Packages

Custom Solar System Packages

We provide custom solar system packages, purpose-built to your specific site and load requirements. View below:  

Dependable 24/7

Rapidly Deployable, Robust & Re-Usable

Our solar system packages provide a comprehensive off-grid solution, working either as part of a hybrid power system or as a standalone microgrid. With a modular design and pre-fabricated components, our solar packages are ideal for sites in need of urgent, temporary or long-standing power.

Systems To Suit Multiple Applications

Solar is the cheapest form of energy, so it makes sense to harness it when possible. Working with a diesel generator and a battery energy storage system (BESS), solar saves on overall emission output while reducing generator run time.

Our solar systems offer a flexible, reliable and scalable solution for those working in remote locations with limited or no access to the electrical grid. Perfectly suited to construction, mine sites and event grounds.  

System specifications are easily tailored to your site conditions, applications and load profiles.  

Prefabricated, portable systems for rapid deployment

Lower CO2 emission output & noise pollution

Modular designs for effortless scalability

Lower overall diesel consumption & costs

Commercially viable in hundreds of applications

With You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Find The Right Power Solution

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