Mobile Hybrid Power System Trailer Packages

Combining solar, battery storage and a diesel generator on a easily portable trailer, our mobile hybrid power system packages deliver a reliable and efficient off-grid power supply. Ideal for construction, mining and agricultural applications.


45 kVA Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
6 KW Easily Deployable Solar
20 kVA Generator

Key Features

Lower maintenance
Less noise
Fewer CO2 emissions
Longer service life
Reduced fuel consumption
Fully licensed under 3.5 tonne for road use
Built in our Henderson facility

Smart Sustainable Power

Our mobile hybrid power trailer packages are purpose-built to suit off-grid mining, construction and agricultural applications. Reducing generator run time from 24/7 to just a few hours a day (if that), they deliver impressive fuel savings and a significant reduction in on-site emissions and noise.

Engineered, designed and built in our Henderson facility, the trailer is fully registered to ROVER road vehicle standards.

Tailor-Made To Your Site

All Blue Diamond mobile hybrid power systems are custom-designed to meet your power requirements. 

Trailers can be purpose-built to your power requirements. Battery, solar and generator sizes are customisable and options are available with or without the generator.