Enertainer Walkthrough With Brandon From AMPD Energy

The AMPD Enertainer is providing diesel-free power for the next generation of construction projects.

What Is The Enertainer?

Brandon Ng, Co-Founder and CEO of AMPD Energy walks us through the Enertainer battery energy storage system.

The AMPD Enertainer is an advanced, compact and connected battery energy storage system (BESS). It’s designed to replace the dirty, noisy and hazardous diesel generators that power today’s construction sites. 

The Enertainer provides power to construction projects with a 70-90% lower carbon footprint and noise output 30x less than a fossil fuel generator. The unit also emits zero diesel exhaust fumes, meaning it is safe for use in confined areas with poor ventilation.   

At the same time, the Enertainer barely requires any O&M – it recharges itself, requires little maintenance and doesn’t need any refuelling, making it extremely cost-effective to operate. 

What Can The Enertainer Power?

The Enertainer’s state of the art battery system has a high-power output that can power even the most demanding loads. This includes:

  • tower cranes
  • welders
  • bar benders
  • concrete pumps
  • and more…

The units simple plug and play design means it is also simple to install and ready for operation in 2 hours or less.  

There are currently over 120 Enertainers powering 80 major construction projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the UK. 

Enertainer BESS FAQs

How Do You Charge The Enertainer?

The Enertainer can accept any input power source. The power could come from the grid, it could come from a hydrogen fuel cell like the GEH2 Hydrogen generator, or it could come from a diesel generator. 

How Long Does The Battery Last?

We advise charging the Enertainer continuously with a 10A-40A current, so the battery never depletes. However, the battery should last longer than a working day when powering tower cranes, hoists or welders. 

How Safe Is The Enertainer?

The Enertainer is built tough and built to last, safe for use on the most demanding construction sites. It features many redundant safety features for both fire and electrical risks, such as a fire impression system and air conditioner unit. 

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