What is a Battery Energy Storage System?

The way construction sites generate power is shifting. Between advancing technology and a global push to meet sustainability targets, the demand for cleaner power is growing fast. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) provide a safe & economically viable alternative to diesel generators.

So, What Are Battery Energy Storage Systems?

A Battery Energy Storage System (often referred to as ‘BESS’) – is a subset of renewable energy.

They can capture, store and supply power on-demand to any construction worksite using chemical and battery technology. One of the most common types of chemical solutions to achieve this is lithium-ion chemistry.

Essentially, a BESS works to input and output energy without relying on diesel fuel. It will source energy from the main grid connection or renewable source, charge the battery to 100% and store it for later use. When the demand is called upon, it will leverage this power from the battery together with any energy source for stable, reliable power output.

Using batteries and advanced software means the unit can provide almost instantaneous response times to help maintain a strong, consistent grid connection.

While there are many smaller energy storage systems emerging on the market for recreational or home use, units like the 300KW AMPD Enertainer are set to power the next generation of construction projects.

While energy storage solutions are applicable across many industries, their design and purpose are unique to the application.

For construction and mining applications, it’s all about understanding the demand for energy and being able to deliver an innovative solution. A BESS ensures the efficient, continuous supply of energy with the lowest possible emission output.

What are the Advantages of Battery Energy Storage Systems?

The demand for power is bubbling along with the ever-constant race to secure efficient, continuous energy with the lowest emission footprint possible.

There are many reasons to showcase the need for a BESS:

  • Noise reduction
  • Rapid energy production
  • Lower particulate output
  • Lower emission output
  • Significant reduction in fuel costs when utilised as part of a hybrid power system
  • No fuel costs when utilised as a standalone or alongside renewable energy sources
  • Less maintenance (and associated costs)

All of the above are valid points. But the core of it is simple: they are reliable and they increase productivity.

With fully electric energy storage systems, construction sites receive a highly reliable output of energy to meet heavy demands without emitting carbon from the unit. They are also quieter, safer and automated to continue site operations without disruption.

Energy Storage Systems can effectively integrate renewable sources of energy into the diesel-driven construction industry, significantly lowering carbon emissions and fuel costs.

Better yet, with units like AMPD Enertainer, they’re not only specifically designed for harsh conditions found on most construction projects, but between their software management and temperature control, they can last well over 10 years.

If you want to read more about the advantages of energy storage systems, we have compiled a more detailed list here.

How Much Do They Reduce Carbon Emissions?

There’s a big push in Australia to start thinking about the long-term impact of carbon emissions, putting strain on the construction industry to consider the bigger picture of carbon reduction.

While energy storage systems don’t completely eliminate emission output, the only onsite emissions come from either the main grid during trickle charging or if paired with a genset.

As a result, the unit omits zero carbon emissions and air pollution – there’s an 85% reduction in harmful CO, CO2, NOx, PM or SO2 emissions.

This also means units like the Enertainer can easily replace diesel generators ( a 400kW has the potential to replace a 500kVa generator).

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