Electric UTVs

Experience fuel savings, lower emissions and improved worker safety by switching to electric site transport vehicles.  

Electric UTVs

Our UTV Range

Our Electric UTVs help keep site emissions down without compromising on performance. Fully equipped with towing capacities of up to 1000kg, our electric vehicle range can operate anywhere without emissions or noise. View our range below:  

Benefits of Electric Utility Vehicles

Quiet, Powerful & Carbon-Free Site Transport

Forget the costs and hassles of diesel vehicles. Electric UTVs provide comfortable site transport with less disruption, maintenance, and 0 emissions. 

Less Maintenance Intervals

With less components than fuel-based vehicles, our electric UTVs alleviate the frequency of out-of-the-blue repairs and costly regular maintenance. Perfectly suited for remote and isolated construction, agricultural and mining sites. 

Battery powered system

Battery power tracker

No unscheduled repairs

Hassle-Free Towing & Transport

Our electric UTVs are carefully designed for a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride without sacrificing on power. With towing capacities of up to 1000kg and payload capacities of up to 1200kg, workers can easily transport equipment and passengers across worksites. Perfect for logistics, mine sites and tough terrains.  

Quiet operation

Powerful motor and towing capacity

Handles tough, off-road terrain

Increased On-Site Health & Safety

Experience zero emission output and zero noise pollution from your on-site transport vehicles – lowering your risk of nasty exhaust fume and DPM exposure to improve overall on-site safety.  

Lowers on-site carbon footprint

Removes fuel fire hazards

Improves overall worksite safety

Significantly Save on Fuel Costs

With state-of-the-art lithium battery systems, our electric UTV range is 100% diesel-free. Experience zero fuel costs for your on-site vehicles so you can allocate your operation expenditure on the important things.  

Lithium Ion battery technology

Zero vehicle fuel consumption & transport costs

100% diesel free

With You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Find The Right Power Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

An electric UTV is an all-terrain vehicle run through an electric lithium-ion motor rather than a petrol or diesel-powered engine. An electric UTV is generally more lightweight than diesel UTVs and is a good option for speed-restricted worksites. They can operate through tough terrains and have a more quiet operation without exposure to exhaust fumes. 

Any large construction, mine, commercial or government worksite needs off-road transportation to transport workers and site equipment from one location to another. Electric UTVs are carefully designed to operate on sites that have speed limit restrictions.   

By utilising a battery instead of fuel, electric UTVs experience few mishaps associated with diesel or petrol engines. There are less moving parts, requiring less maintenance, there’s no emission output to pollute the air and it removes the need to buy and transport fuel to the worksite.  

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