BESS Applications & Use Cases

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are essentially big batteries. Acting as a standalone replacement for diesel generators or integrating into a hybrid power system, BESS are playing a key role in decarbonising Australia’s mining, construction & events industries.

Here, we’ll review some practical examples from our customers making the transition to battery energy storage systems.

Practical Examples Of BESS

Using lithium-ion battery technology, BESS are gaining momentum as a low-emission, safe and economically viable alternative to diesel generators. 

Some practical examples of BESS include: 

1. Powering Construction Sites

BESS address key challenges for the construction sector such as unreliable power, high emission output and disruptive refuelling. They’ll comfortably power everything from tower cranes and hoists to office trailers and security systems without unwanted generator noise or fuel emissions. 

The AMPD Enertainer is specially designed as a drop-in solution to replace large diesel generators on construction projects. It can power up any type of electrical equipment, but is most effective when powering high power equipment like tower cranes. 

The Enertainer’s compact design and quiet operation make it ideal for the noise and space constraints of a construction site. Sustainability-focused developer Erben adopted a 500kW Enertainer to replace diesel as baseload power for their Cirque Duet residential apartment development. The unit is estimated to save 7000L of diesel on the project per month, while its compact design addressed on-site obstacles like restrictive access. 

POWR2’s POWRBANK BESS is another low carbon solution for construction power. Integrating with a diesel generator as part of a hybrid power system, the POWRBANK cuts generator runtime from 24/7 to only a few hours a day, drastically reducing on-site noise pollution and CO2 emissions. 

The net savings for construction sites using BESS are significant. On the Sydney WestConnex project, the POWRBANK cut diesel consumption by 70% over 3 months, equating to over 53,091 litres of fuel over 12 months. 

2. Live Events

For live events like festivals and markets, it is vital for any power source to operate with minimal noise and emission output.  This allows patrons to enjoy festivities without uncomfortable generator noise or diesel fumes. 

In a recent collaboration with Optus Stadium’s Christmas Festival, the POWR2 POWRBANK was brought in to power the Christmas tree lights and rides at the charity event.  

The Christmas tree was powered completely emission-free, using a combination of BESS and solar. An additional 45kVA POWRBANK was used in conjunction with a small diesel generator to power rides at the event. 

3. Remote Sites

Hybrid power system

Operations in remote locations present costly challenges when it comes to refuelling and maintaining diesel generators. By cutting generator runtime from 24/7 to just a few hours a day, the POWRBANK reduces logistical challenges, extends generator lifespan and servicing intervals. 

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