AMPD Enertainer: 500KW Energy Storage System

The AMPD unit provides diesel-free, robust power, carefully designed for the tough and dynamic needs of construction projects.

Key Features

Lithium-ion phosphate battery
Enert Monitoring & Data platform
Expected lifetime 10+ years
Maximum noise level 54.9 – 56.3 dB
Up to 85% carbon reduction
Zero direct NO, PM, SO fumes


Weight 8.7 tons
Dimensions 3.21m L  x 2.44m W x 2.6m H
Maximum output current per phase (continuous) 665 A
Operating Temperature 0°C-45°C
Model Entertainer L
Output voltage 380 – 415 VAC

Engineered For Construction Sites

The AMPD Entertainer is specifically designed to meet the demands of tower hoist cranes on your construction sites with the potential as a drop in solution to replace most large diesel generators. The unit drastically reduces on-site noise pollution, eliminates diesel handling and provides a low carbon option for construction.

Install and ready for operation in under 2 hours

Allows work to continue into noise sensitive hours

Safe, low risk design

Lowers OPEX costs up to 75%

Up to 32 times quieter than diesel generators

Plug & Play

Smart, Connected & Productive Software

The AMPD Enertainer is an advanced energy storage system with internet connectivity for remote monitoring, device management, remote troubleshooting and data analytics. With little maintenance requirements, smart software and a smart modular design, there’s almost no downtime for your construction site.

Enernet data and monitoring platform

Provides real time data

Accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere

Automatic recharging

Little moving parts

Temperature & humidity controls