Solar Water Pumps 

Our solar water pump range provides farmers, remote communities and off-grid agricultural sites with a reliable water supply. And none of the operational and fuel costs.

Solar Water Pumps

Our Pump Range

Our solar water pump range feature lifts up to 180m. View the range below:

Solar Water Pump Benefits

Reliable, Efficient & Cleaner Water

Experience a tried and true solar water pumping system designed for efficient, clean and a robust water supply.

Designed to Handle Harsh Australian Conditions

Built with stainless steel componentry, our submersible solar water pumps are highly reliable, extremely efficient and have a long life expectancy. Ideal for the tough conditions of Australia’s remote and rural areas. 

Built to withstand tough Australian conditions

High life expectancy

High daily flow rate

Save On Fuel Costs

Our water pump solar panels capture and absorb energy from the sun, providing clean, zero cost energy to power your water pump system. Experience an eco-friendly water supply while saving on fuel and energy costs.  

Powered by solar energy

Huge energy and cost savings

No fuel costs

Minimise Maintenance Intervals

Simple installation and less moving parts mean our solar water pumps are designed for fewer repairs and replacements lasting years with minimal maintenance. Experience an efficient water supply with less maintenance and frequent upkeep costs.   

Lower upkeep

No need for regular maintenance

Easily replaceable PV panels

With You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Find The Right Power Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar water pumps captures energy from the sun to pump groundwater. It operates using the solar energy produced by photovoltaic (PV) panels. They are a cleaner and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel based pumps for agricultural and rural applications, especially for those who have limited access to the grid. Common applications for solar water pumps include for daily water supply, livestock watering, and crop irrigation.  

Solar pumps generally include a water pump, solar panels, solar batteries, an inverter and a pump control system. The PV panels will absorb solar energy from the sun and convert into electricity. This is then used to supply the pump with the energy needed to pump water.  

Aside from providing a cleaner energy solution for pump water, solar water pumps drastically cut overall irrigation costs for farmers. But they also benefits agricultural industries and small communities look to up their water supply. Whatever the purpose, there are zero fuel costs, less need for maintenance and have a long lifespan. Also, by eliminating fossil fuels, there’s no need to worry about air pollution or fuel spillages into the soil.  

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