GEH2 Hydrogen Generator – 100kVA

Australia’s first zero-emission hydrogen generator delivers optimal, reliable power. Carefully designed with the potential to replace conventional gensets across prime and standby applications.

Key Features

Lithium-ion phosphate battery
State of the art Toyota fuel cell
Dedicated safety system
Predictive maintenance & remote support
On-board intelligence & 4G connection
Event-driven electrical outputs


Mass: 4200kg
Dimensions:  3350 L x 2200 H x 1100 W
Prime power output (PRP): 100kVA/80kW
Voltage output: 400VAC/480VAC
Operating Temperature: -10°C-40°C
Run time: 15,000 hours

A New Zero Emission Era

The GEH2 combines a Toyota fuel cell and state-of-the-art battery technology to produce reliable, efficient and optimal power. There’s no exhaust fumes and no noise pollution – the only by-product is a little water and some heat. Perfect for industries wanting to transition into a Net Zero future.

Toyota PEM fuel cell

AC Current

Output voltage: 250/4– V-50Hz

Emergency Standby Power: 110kVA

Prime Power: 100kVA

Battery capacity: 44.2 kWh

Optimised Power For Any Application

The GEH2 has the ability to replace diesel & gas gensets across both prime and emergency applications. With an instant start time, the GEH2 provides scalable power for multiple industries, including off-grid settings and locations where there is limited access to power:

Isolated sites (scientific bases, refuges, relay antennas & islands)

Protected, regulated or zero emission zones

Events (concerts & sporting events)

Construction sites (off-grid and metro areas)

Emergency applications (data centres, hospitals & airports)

Confined areas (mine sites & tunnels)