Powering A Cleaner Construction Industry With Batteries

As energy needs increase and concern for climate change grows, there’s a need to move away from traditional fossil fuels for power generation.

“There is a real big push for construction companies to look at emission-free power or other sustainable options,” – Director of Innovation at POWR2, Tim Doling.

Contributing to roughly 37% of global CO2 emissions in 2021, the construction industry is feeling the pressure to decarbonise.

BESS offers an economical solution, providing construction sites with access to low emission power without compromising efficiency.

Here, we’ll look at the challenges BESS solve for construction sites and some practical examples from our customers.

What Is A Battery Energy Storage System?

battery energy storage system (BESS) works to input and output energy without relying on diesel as the primary source of power. It captures, stores and supplies power using chemical and battery technology.

BESS draws energy from the grid, a generator or a renewable source like solar, charges the battery to 100% and stores it for later use. When needed, it leverages power from the battery to provide a stable, reliable and low emission power output.

Why Consider BESS?

BESS units like the AMPD Enertainer and POWR2 POWRBANK address key challenges for the construction sector such as unreliable power, high emission output and disruptive refuelling.

5 notable benefits of BESS for construction sites include:

  • Aids peak shaving
  • Automates essential procedures
  • Saves on fuel and fuel logistics
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Lowers on-site noise pollution

Practical Examples Of BESS On Construction Sites

1. Operating Tower Cranes

Battery energy storage system - the AMPD Enertainer on development site in Victoria

Designed with construction sites in mind, the AMPD Enertainer can comfortably power tower cranes with a carbon footprint 70-90% lower than a diesel generator.

In an ongoing project, LendLease deployed a 500kW Enertainer Unit to power tower cranes on the Wyndham Law Court Development Site. The Enertainer’s lithium-ion battery technology delivers quiet power without diesel exhaust fumes, helping LendLease reach their carbon reduction targets.

Over the course of the project, the Enertainer is projected to save up to 12.5 tonnes of CO2 and 7000L of diesel per month.

2. Powering Temporary Site Offices

energy storage systems

On a recent project with Kennards Hire, our 45kVA POWR2 POWRBANK was used as a 24/7 power source during the construction of the M4-M5 WestConnex tunnels in Sydney.

The POWRBANK was responsible for powering 16 temporary construction sheds, providing 20 hours of clean, silent power from a single charge. It was also paired with a 100kW generator to assist with peak load periods and to charge the battery if needed.

Learn more about the Sydney WestConnex Tunnels project here.

3. Operating A Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Holcim, a global leader in innovative and sustainable power solutions successfully trailed a mobile concrete batching plant powered by an advanced battery-diesel hybrid system.  

The mobile batching plant uses a 90kVA POWRBANK battery with a backup diesel-powered generator to charge the BESS if needed. During the first week of concrete production, Holcim successfully reduced generator running time by approximately 87%, leading to substantial energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Learn more about the Holcim Concrete Batching Plant trial here. 

4. Powering Pumps & Welders

Developer Hong Kong Housing Society deployed the AMPD Enertainer to construct a residential housing development in Kai Tak, Hong Kong.  

The Enertainer comfortably powered 3 welding machines, 1 semi-auto welding machine, 1 water pump, lighting and CCTV systems throughout the project. The unit had an 82% lower operating cost and produced 75% fewer CO2 emissions than a 200kVA diesel generator equivalent.  

View the full Hong Kong Housing Society case study here. 

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