Powering the Australian F1 Grand Prix with an Electro-Hydrogen Solution

Blue Diamond Machinery successfully deployed Australia's first hydrogen power solution at the 2023 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.


Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix


Albert Park, Melbourne


Sporting & Events

The Event

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix provided Blue Diamond Machinery with a unique opportunity to showcase the benefits of the GEH2®. Using only electro-hydrogen fuel cell technology, the GEH2® is a low emission solution offering significant noise reduction and instant start-up – making it a perfect solution for major sporting events.  

The Solution

Australia’s First Electro-Hydrogen Solution

In an Australian first, Blue Diamond Machinery supplied 2 x 100kVA GEH2 Electro Hydrogen Generators for the event as a replacement for diesel. The GEH2 uses a Toyota fuel cell to generate cleaner power for the event’s Tech Hub, including entertainment, interactive and demonstration experiences.  

It also successfully powered the events running food stalls, only emitting water and a litter vapour.  

Hydrogen generator at F1

The Outcome

Demonstrating a Clear Pathway Towards Decarbonisation

The GEH2® hydrogen fuel cell generators were responsible for producing approximately 1.8 MWH of clean energy, creating a zero emission, completely quiet power supply for the Australian F1 Tech Hub events. Blue Diamond Machinery successfully powered up the event catering for over 500,000 over a four day period. 

Ticketholders were able to enjoy the food and event grounds without deterring heavy fumes and loud engines.   

Creating a clear pathway towards decarbonsation, the GEH2 hydrogen fuel cell generators prove the capability of lower carbon technologies for large-scale applications. In the case of the F1 Grand Prix, its deployment showcases an encouraging case study for hydrogen fuel cell technology for large scale events and any application where noise and CO2 emissions is a consideration.