5B Maverick Solar System

The 5B Maverick is a safe, cost-effective and rapidly deployable ground mount solar farm. Ideal for powering Australia’s off-grid construction, agricultural and mine sites with minimal carbon footprint. 

Blue Diamond has many Mavericks installed around Australia with our 45kVA and 90kVA battery systems and Denyo generator. These systems are delivering over 90% diesel savings on the projects we are supporting.

Deploys Up To 10x Faster Than Conventional Solar Systems

Save time and resources with the 5B Maverick’s preconfigured, pre-wired design. With all testing, cabling and connections carried out pre-deployment, reduce your on-site labour by up to 80% and start generating power sooner. 

Minimal manual handling & groundwork reduces the risk of injury

Less labour on site for less time

Prefabricated design limits onsite waste to the size of a carry bag

Up To 1.6x More Power Per Hectare

The 5B Maverick’s dense, compact layout enables the same energy output from up to half the land. With no corridors and minimal gaps between structures, it generates up to 1.6x more power per hectare than a traditional single axis tracking or fixed tilt solar PV.

This unique system is ideal for hybrid power systems between 20kVA and 200kVA. The Maverick comes in 22kW sections that are 5m x 8m, with more sections easily coupling together for more clean power.

Increases energy generation on sites

Ideal for land constrained locations

East-west orientation maximises sun penetration

Extremely Durable Design

Made in Australia to the highest standards, with an expected lift of 25 years and a warranty of 10, the 5B Maverick is built tough.

Structurally certified for transport and operation in high wind regions, the 5B Maverick can withstand winds up to 174m/ph. Its UV-resistant, all-weather proofing design is made to endure the harshest conditions.

Up to C4 corrosion resistance levels

10 years workmanship warranty

25-30 year design life