Solar Apex: Rooftop Solar Package

Introducing Solar Apex, the ultimate solution for rooftop solar applications on containerised spaces such as staff accommodation, site offices and welfare units.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Blue Diamond at our Clean Energy & Engineering Hub, the Solar Apex ensures a reliable, quality and flexible power source. Combine it with a battery energy storage system (BESS) to make your construction, event or mine site even more cost-effective and sustainable.  

Commercially Viable in Numerous Applications

The Solar Apex’s one-size-fits-all modular design allows you to scale your energy needs effortlessly. Easy to install on any number of container dimensions, it’s a comprehensive clean power solution for multiple containers, onsite offices or accommodation.  

The Solar Apex comes in two variants: the ‘basic version’ which features a flexible frame and pre-assembled PV panels. The plug and play ‘total version’ combines the basic package with pre-assembled components for simple setup.  

Robust and Relocatable Power Source

The Solar Apex is crafted with precision in Australia and packaged with construction, mining and event applications in mind.  

The robust iso-corners ensure stability while allowing the entire container to be lifted via crane through the Solar Apex system – even while connected. Relocation from site to site is fast and effortless.