POWR2 Energy Storage Systems

Our rental ready POWR2 ESS units maximise stored battery power to significantly reduce diesel generator CO2 emissions, operating hours and fuel consumption. 


Our Model Range

Our POWR2 ESS units range up to 90kVA and integrate with a diesel generator as part of a hybrid power offering. 

POWR2 Benefits

Experience Cleaner Power

Delivering 20 hours of clean, silent power from a single charge, the POWR2 helps Australia’s construction, events and mining industries meet noise pollution and sustainability targets.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Using lithium batteries, the POWR2 works seamlessly with diesel generators as the primary source of power, cutting CO2 emissions by up to 80%. It can also pair with renewable energy sources like solar or our GEH2 hydrogen generator for a completely zero-emission solution. 

Zero Co2, NOx & PM emissions from the battery

Reduce noise & fuel waste

Can be packaged as part of a hybrid power system

Optimise Generator Efficiency

The POWR2’s onboard energy control module constantly monitors load levels, automatically switching between battery and generator power when necessary. It optimises diesel generator efficiency while lowering fuel consumption and minimising engine run time. 

Protects generator from low load running

Extends generator lifespan & service intervals

6000 hour battery lifecycle

With You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Find The Right Power Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we’ve been asked about the POWR2 POWRBANK.

POWR2 maximises the use of battery power for the electrical load by automatically switching between diesel generators or renewable sources and stored battery energy. 

The POWR2 battery duration depends on the rate at which power is used and the energy storage system size. Duration can be calculated by dividing the battery size (kWh) by load in kW.  

Without a diesel generator running, the energy system is inaudible. There may be some fan noise when the unit is working hard, but it is only detectable when you stand very close.  

An energy storage system is a sub-set of renewable energy. It captures, stores and dispatches power on demand to any construction site using battery and chemical technology, more commonly lithium-ion chemistry. It achieves this without diesel fuel, sourcing energy from the electrical grid or renewable sources, charging the battery and storing it for later. Ready to output power when there is a demand for it. Find out more here. 

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