AMPD Enertainer Energy Storage Systems

The AMPD Enertainer is an advanced, compact and connected battery energy storage system (BESS) to replace the dirty, noisy and hazardous diesel generators that power Australia’s construction sites. 


Our Model Range

Our AMPD Enertainer BESS units range up to 500kW. Specially designed as a zero-emission drop-in solution to replace large diesel generators. 

AMPD Benefits

Experience Cleaner Power

The AMPD Enertainer drastically reduces on-site noise pollution, eliminates diesel handling and provides a low carbon solution for construction sites. 

70-90% Lower Carbon Footprint Than A Diesel Generator

Using lithium-ion battery technology, the AMPD Enertainer has a carbon footprint 70-90% lower than a diesel generator equivalent. On recent construction projects, we’ve seen savings of up to 12.5 tons in CO2 and 7000 litres of diesel saved per month. 

Zero direct NOx, PM or SO fumes

Eliminates disruptive on-site refuelling

Reduce diesel consumption on construction sites

Minimise Onsite Noise & Air Pollution

Zero diesel exhaust fumes means the Enertainer is safe for use in confined areas with poor ventilation. The unit has a noise footprint 30x less than a diesel generator, so urban construction sites can still meet their power requirements while keeping noise to a minimum.  

30x quieter than diesel generators

No risk of diesel emissions or fires

Able to deploy in noise sensitive areas

Lower Your OPEX Costs By Up To 75%

The AMPD Enertainer’s fully modular design enables fast, in-field servicing and repairs. Without the need for diesel, the unit also removes the hassle of costly and disruptive fuel logistics. With less maintenance and refuelling requirements, there’s almost no downtime for your construction site.  

24/7 real-time data on power consumption, fuel savings & CO2 emissions

Less moving parts

Up & running in under 2 hours

Eliminates refuelling disruptions

With You Every Step of the Way

Helping You Find The Right Power Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we’ve been asked about the AMPD Enertainer.

The Enertainer is commonly used on building and construction projects. It is most effective for use with high-power equipment with intermittent loads, such as tower cranes, hoists, welders and concrete pumps. 

The Enertainer uses any power source, typically utility power or a hydrogen or diesel generator, to charge the lithium-ion phosphate battery 24 hours a day. The unit is then able to support the high-power demands of typical construction equipment.  

Absolutely. By eliminating diesel handling, the Enertainer reduces the risk of harmful diesel fumes, spills or fires. It features built-in safety features for both fire and electrical risks, plus the lack of moving parts also makes the system safer by design. It has been tried and tested over the years as a durable, reliable energy source that can power anything. 

The Enertainer serves as a drop-in replacement for large diesel generators. Installation consists mostly of placing the unit and connecting cables, so it can be installed and ready for operation in under 2 hours. 

We recommend charging the Enertainer 24 hours a day by a current of 10A-40A so the battery is never depleted. However, if the Enertainer’s state of charge (SOC) was at 100% and connected to equipment such as tower cranes, hoists or welders, it can last longer than an average work day 

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