How Does Clean Power Boost Profitability?

Renewable energy sources have a cost stigma against them. That is because the production of renewable energy in the past decade has been expensive, carrying on the belief that sustainability must mean a trade off with profitability.

But this is far from the truth. 

When project managers think of reducing carbon emissions, the idea is often quickly brushed off under the assumption it’s ‘too hard’ or ‘too expensive’. 

However, lowering emissions does not mean sacrificing profitability. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

For all industries, particularly mining and construction, there are notable opportunities to reduce carbon emissions while simultaneously generating profitable growth. 

Here’s how. 

How Does Clean Power Increase Profitability?

Cuts Fuel Costs & Logistics

Net Zero equipment like BESS and hybrid power systems are designed to supplement, or completely replace diesel generators. Using lithium-ion battery technology, they deliver carbon emission reductions up to 85%. 

As for the fuel savings, they tend to speak for themselves. 

For example, we worked with LendLease to power the construction of the Wyndham Law Court development in Victoria. We recommended our 500kW AMPD Enertainer BESS as a diesel replacement to power on-site tower cranes. 

The Enertainer is estimated to save up to 12.5 tonnes of CO2 and 7000L of diesel per month over the course of the project.  

Less Maintenance (& Associated Costs)

Diesel generators require regular servicing, maintenance, repair, and refuelling. This requires training, site visits, travel expenditure and time offline. 

If generators go offline, workers can’t do anything, meaning there’s extra cash out the window for unproductive labour.  

BESS, on the other hand, adopt a ‘working smarter, not harder’ approach to day-to-day operations.  

Units like the AMPD Enertainer include remote servicing technology and firmware updates to lower site disruptions. Technicians can monitor performance, perform firmware updates and troubleshoot problems so workers can continue day to day operations without site visits or downtime.  

Taking away the proverbial middle man, BESS are an efficiency, productivity and financial gamechanger.  

With fewer moving parts and temperature and humidity controls, the Enertainer is also specially designed for the harsh conditions found on construction projects. 

Bite Sized Chunks Add Up

All too often, companies think decarbonisation means investing heavily in big projects or cutting edge technologies, often overlooking the ‘bite sized chunks’ they can chip away at.  

Our head of future fuels, Tristan Yuswak encourages this “bite size chunks” approach as a more realistic way to start your decarbonisation journey. 

For example, implementing renewable technologies like hybrid power systems and solar into existing projects is a fast and inexpensive way to build up your net zero balance sheet. 

There’s no need to commit 100% to renewable energy straight off the bat, and the OpEx savings through reduced fuel and maintenance costs along the way are often significant.  

The Results Speak For Themselves

Here’s some tangible results our customers have seen on projects by transitioning to clean energy technologies. 

Wydham Law Court Development

Battery energy storage system - the AMPD Enertainer on development site in Victoria

The AMPD Enertainer was used as a diesel fuel replacement to power on-site tower cranes for LendLease’s Wyndham Law Court Development. Over the course of the project, the unit is projected to: 

  • Save up to 12.5 tonnes of CO2 and 7,000L of diesel per month. 
  • 70-90% lower carbon footprint than a diesel generator. 

Whiteman Park Train Station

Blue Diamond Machinery customised a hybrid power solution to power up site offices during the construction of Whiteman Park Train Station. Using the hybrid power system, Laing O-Rourke achieved: 

  • Almost 100% renewable power. 
  • Replaced a 100kVA diesel generator working 24/7 with a 50kVA backup generator.  
  • Drastically lower on-site noise pollution, diesel handling and operational costs.

M4-M5 Sydney WestConnex Tunnels

energy storage systems

Our 45kVA POWR2 POWRBANK was used as a 24/7 power source during the construction of the M4-M5 Sydney WestConnex tunnels. Over a 12 month period, the unit achieved: 

  • $78,677AUD total net savings 
  • 65% fewer refuelling visits 
  • 67% less downtime & contractor visits 
  • 143Tn fewer CO2 emissions 
  • 70% less generator run time 
  • 53,091L of fuel saved 

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