44kW Hybrid Power System – Solar Max

Reducing generator runtime from 24/7 to just a few hours a day, our 44kW hybrid solar max package can save up to 95% on your diesel use. Combining solar, battery storage and a diesel generator, this package delivers a reliable and efficient off-grid power supply for many applications and load profiles.


44kW of re-locatable, rapidly deployable solar
1x 45kVA POWR2 POWRBANK battery energy storage system
100kVA Diesel Generator
Electrical Distribution Board

Pricing and Installation

Price: $189,000 ex GST
Installation offer – Metro (Perth, Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide)
$9,900 – Delivery included
24/7 onsite support $500 per month
Includes monthly reporting on diesel and CO2 savings
Installation offer – Rural (everywhere else)
$14,900 – delivery quoted separately
Online support quoted based on location

Commercially Viable in Hundreds of Applications

The Blue Diamond 44kW Solar Max Hybrid System is suited to hundreds of different applications. The system specifications can be adjusted to site conditions, and this package suits many applications and load profiles. Blue Diamond has live deployments of hybrid systems nationwide under management with savings reported between 70-100% depending on the location and solar impact.

Less than 12 months payback based on replacing a 100kVA diesel generator running 24/7 with a varying load between 10-30kW (diesel at $2.50/litre). We will model this prior to deployment based on your project or site application.

The 44kW of solar can be reduced or increased depending on available space and load requirements.

Robust and Relocatable or Permanently Installed Hybrid Power Source

The Blue Diamond 44kW Hybrid System is packaged with construction and mining in mind. It is also a suitable option for rural customers who want a commercial grade off-grid system to power their home or farm.

The battery system is from the USA and used by some of the largest rental companies in Australia and the world. The 5B Maverick solar system component is designed and made in Australia – heavy duty and built to last with a 10 year warranty.