BESS + Solar Hybrid Power System

Intelligently combining solar with battery energy storage, our standalone BESS hybrid power package delivers a clean, reliable & efficient off-grid power supply. It’s ideal for low-load applications like construction lighting and small events that require zero noise and zero emissions.


1x 10kVA BESS
5B Maverick Solar Panels

Key Features

Remote monitoring via EaaS platform
Lower maintenance
Additional solar if required
Reduced service costs
Longer service life
Zero noise
Zero emissions

Smart Sustainable Power

Combining solar with battery storage, our standalone BESS hybrid power package delivers a zero emission and zero noise power solution. Power is supplied by the BESS unit, with solar maintaining the charge of the battery.

In a recent project, this system supplied 100% emission-free power for Christmas tree lighting at the Optus Stadium Christmas Festival charity event.

Tailor-Made To Your Site

All Blue Diamond Hybrid Power Systems are custom-designed to meet your site requirements. We take the time to understand your unique load requirements and site conditions.  

We can even come to your site and conduct a power audit to ensure you recieve the most efficient power solution.