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Net Zero Equipment – Industry Applications

We’re helping the industries that power our economy transition from conventional power sources to low or zero emission alternatives.


There is a big push for construction companies to look at emission-free power or other sustainable options to meet Net Zero targets. Clean energy technologies like battery energy storage, hydrogen generators and hybrid power systems provide construction sites with access to low-emission power without compromising efficiency. They address key challenges such as unreliable power, high emission output and costly fuel logistics.


Implementing clean energy technologies can help mine sites directly address scope 1 and 2 emissions profitably, while simultaneously meeting ESG expectations. In fact, sustainable power sources such as hydrogen and hybrid power systems can address between 30-50% of your mine site’s current emission output.


In the highly competitive rental industry, businesses have the opportunity to differentiate themselves by offering innovative clean energy solutions. Adopting technologies like hydrogen generators, battery energy storage or solar allows rental companies to lower costs and reduce diesel consumption while achieving sustainability targets for eco-conscious customers.


Switching to renewable energy sources is one of the simplest ways for event sites to achieve CO2 emission reductions without compromising profitability. Clean power technologies like battery energy storage systems and hydrogen generators are a safe and eco-friendly alternative to replace dirty, noisy diesel generators often synonymous with events.

Energy Sources

Energy Sources for a Cleaner Future

The energy sources that power the Net Zero Equipment range are hybrid, battery, solar, hydrogen and low emission engines (Final Tier 4).

geh2 hydrogen generator commissioned in indonesia

Hydrogen is extracted using either fossil fuels, chemical extraction or renewables to create clean dispatchable power. We can pair hydrogen with a fuel cell and battery technology to produce immediate power without any emissions, pollution or wastage.

Battery Storage

Battery energy storage captures, stores and supplies power on demand using chemical and battery technology. It exerts immediate, quiet power with a very low emission output.

Hybrid Power System

Hybrid technology integrates conventional energy sources with renewable sources like solar and battery technology. Hybrid power delivers an efficient, reliable power supply at a significant cost saving. 

Solar 5B Mavericks

Solar energy is 100% absorbed, captured and stored from the sun. It’s a completely renewable source of energy, without any emissions.  We can pair solar as part of a hybrid power system or install as a standalone micro-grid.