A Zebra-Celona Webinar

Solving the pain of connectivity in manufacturing environments

March 28, 2024

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Discover how Zebra is enabling private wireless devices to drive productivity gains and unleash decision entrepreneurism. Data and connectivity are critical to empower every worker at the edge of business.

From this section you will:

Discover the importance of IT/OT convergence in manufacturing and how real-time data empowers workers to make informed decisions.

Explore the challenges of data collection on the manufacturing floor in environments with limited indoor and outdoor connectivity.

Delve into Zebra’s investment in devices and features supporting Private 4G/5G, and how collaboration with Celona simplifies adoption of this technology.

Gain insights into Zebra’s recommendation for device refresh strategies, emphasizing Private 5G for reliable connectivity in tough industrial environments for business-critical applications.

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Meet Our Speakers

Aaron Regan

Tech Services – Blue Diamond Machinery & Net Zero Equipment

Tristan Yuswak

Head of Renewables – Blue Diamond Machinery & Net Zero Equipment